Our Story

Global. Eclectic. Chic.

Diggs Designs is a lifestyle brand offering elevated experiences through the careful curation of one-of-a-kind pieces and design services.

Owners and designers Danielle Walter and Dawn Engeman merged their two businesses together in 2021 after discovering a mutual passion for telling stories through the spaces they create.

The brand’s brick-and-mortar shop at 2111 Augusta Street includes pieces hand-selected by Danielle and Dawn to add dimension through color, texture, and pattern.

In addition to having a shop, they offer both commercial and residential interior design services.  

In commercial design, their objective is to connect the heart of the brand to the design of the space and to create synergy between the two in unexpected ways.

In the world of residential design, Danielle and Dawn work with clients to create a welcoming environment that evokes a joyful response each and every day.

Both designers find joy in their daily endeavors. Whether it is having a profound conversation with a customer in the shop or unveiling a new space for the first time, Dawn and Danielle are grateful for the incredible opportunity to do what they love.

Danielle Walter is a passionate entrepreneur, an award-winning renovation expert, and a buyer who has been published for her trailblazing talent in carefully curating goods from around the globe. 

Danielle possessed an eye for spotting trends from an early age. A native of Nyack, New York, Danielle made frequent trips into nearby New York City in search of inspiration. It was at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan where she discovered her true love for interior design, and she never looked back.

Following her time in Manhattan, Danielle began designing interiors for residential builders and acted as a corporate retail buyer for luxury communities throughout the Carolinas.

She then took her career into her own hands, adding the title shop owner to her impressive resume. She curated her first shop, Walter and Woods, from scratch before teaming up with one of her best customers, Dawn Engeman, to open Diggs Designs in 2021.

Outside of work, Danielle loves entertaining. This passion has helped her create welcoming atmospheres for her clients, ones that awaken all five senses and instill a sense of comfort. 

Danielle lives in Taylors with her husband Chris, where they find themselves constantly surrounded by members of their tight-knit family living in close proximity.  

Dawn Engeman is an acclaimed designer, an art enthusiast, and an expert at cultivating lifestyles through seeking one-of-a-kind treasures.

An only child with a curious disposition from a young age, Dawn looked to creative design projects, such as constructing her own bedroom wallpaper from only magazines and tape, for fun. 

Dawn is a firm believer that the spaces she curates must be equal parts livable and “wow.” She attributes her knack for striking this balance to having grown up with a mother who exhibited a keen eye for elegant design. 

Since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1989, Dawn has worked on countless commercial and residential projects alike. From designing her own home (published in Interiors Magazine, February/March 2022) to the speakeasy-inspired bar Hudson located in Winter Park, Florida, Dawn has found both worlds equally invigorating in their own distinct ways.

After frequenting local design shop Walter and Woods in search of unique finds, Dawn invited owner Danielle Walter into her home. Their calling to team up was immediately evident, resulting in the opening of Diggs Designs in 2021.

Outside of work, Dawn has a love of traveling and hunting for striking new pieces that set Diggs Designs apart from the rest. 

She lives in the North Main neighborhood of Greenville in her home with her two adorable pups Rucker and Fender.